Degassing pumps

A degassing pump is a device used to remove gas from a liquid in which bubbles can create as a consequence of specific processing. It finds widespread application because of its versatility and technical performance.

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Fluid-o-Tech degassing pumps

Fluid-o-Tech produces degassing pumps that 100% effectively separate any gas – even dissolved ones – from liquids with different viscosities and pressures.

Our compact devices are designed to avoid any contamination of the liquid and reduce maintenance costs thanks to their high resistance to dangerous gases, corrosion, and rust.

Also, Fluid-o-Tech operates to create pumps that meet the highest possible sanitary and technological standards, to guarantee compliance with any strict regulation and total satisfaction of our customers.

We also offer a customization service to respond to any of your needs in terms of specific shapes, dimensions, colors, and components used.

Our degassing pumps are easy to operate, accurately tested, and outstandingly reliable.

Contact us to know more about our products or personalize your degassing pump!

What is degasification

The term degasification designs a process of dissolved gas removal performed on fluids that are usually stored in metal containers or that are transported by pipelines.

Degasification is fundamental because liquids that contain gases – such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, but also dissolved salts – can potentially react to metal and steel causing corrosion, rust, and other issues.

Thus, this process is aimed to prevent gas bubbles related problems and protect containers and pipelines. Concerned fluids are treated with a degassing pump.

How does a degassing pump work

A degassing pump extracts and eliminates any gas presence from a liquid and discharges it outside the machine. It’s a mechanical process in which no chemical additive is used – so it is safe.

Degassing pumps drive the liquid through an orifice inside them, in order to break down the gas from the fluid through decompression. This produces a liquid/gas mix that is later routed towards an inducer.

Thanks to a rotary action, the gas accumulates in the center of the inducer while the liquid is pushed to the sides. Eventually, the fluid undergoes high vacuum pressure, causing the remaining gas to finally separate.

Now, the gas can be expelled through the degassing pump impeller, and the fluid can recirculate to the inducer.

Industrial applications

The main applications of degassing pumps are found in the food and beverage industry, where these devices are used to treat liquid foods and dairy products, defoam and transfer liquid foods, or degas water to produce ice.

Also, they can be adopted for paints and inks to defoam and degas coating liquids, water-based paints, oils, polymers, and any other type of ink.

Finally, degassing pumps can prevent the malfunction of various measuring instruments – such as flow meters, density meters, and others.

Find out our wide range of degassing pumps for industrial applications. Contact us!


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