Cooling Solutions for
EV Fast Charging Stations

As electric mobility is spreading worldwide more and more, the need for charging stations and cooling pumps for EV fast charging points is definitely increasing. Fluid-o-Tech designs and manufactures some specific solutions to meet these needs and allow charging batteries in a short time.

Fast charging stations and points are spreading quickly to support the electric mobility transformation. Strong cooling capacity is key to allow charging EV batteries in a fraction of the time that typical home charging systems allow.

Fluid-o-Tech answers this increasing demand for cooling pumps for EV fast charging stations with two main solutions:

gear pumps

rotary vane pumps

Characteristics of Fluid-o-Tech cooling pumps for EV fast charging points

Both of them provide the required cooling at maximum efficiency in challenging environments and allow the delivery of power to EV batteries smoothly and efficiently, without overheating. (Read also: Coolant Pump)

Other features of Fluid-o-Tech cooling pumps for EV fast charging stations and charging points include:

• impressive performance
• outstanding reliability
• compact design

In addition, all cooling solutions are available in a wide range of materials for chemical compatibility.

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The main advantages of cooling pumps for ev fast charging

Cooling pumps for EV fast charging are crucial for several reasons. Here are some of the most important:

Heat Management - During fast charging, EV batteries and charging infrastructure generate a significant amount of heat due to the rapid transfer of energy. Cooling pumps help manage and dissipate this heat efficiently

Battery Health - Excessive heat can degrade battery performance and lifespan. Cooling pumps prevent the battery from overheating, preserving its long-term health and capacity. This is essential for EV owners who want their batteries to last for many years

Safety - Overheating components pose safety risks. Cooling pumps maintain safe operating temperatures, reducing the risk of thermal runaway or other battery-related incidents during fast charging.

Fluid-o-Tech's model of ev charger pump

Let's discover some of our best ev charger pumps:

MG300 SERIES GEAR PUMPS - The MG series magnet drive gear pumps are the ideal choice for high-tech applications, including electric vehicle EV charger pump systems. Designed to ensure precise and uniform fluid delivery, the MG300 series pumps are perfect for handling high-temperature liquids up to 120°C (248°F) without leakage, thanks to their seal-less design and magnetic rotation transmission. The internal components made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and parts such as gears and bushings in PEEK™ or PTFE™ ensure the highest chemical compatibility with a wide range of fluids. These pumps are quiet, pulsation-free, and NSF certified for use with potable water or other fluids intended for human consumption. Capable of managing a flow rate from 20 to 250 l/h (5 to 66 GPH) and a pressure up to 15 bar (218 psi), the MG300 pumps are optimized for efficient and durable use in electric vehicle charging applications.

MG200-400 SERIES GEAR PUMPS - The MG series magnet drive gear pumps are ideal for EV charger pump applications, offering a sealed chamber for safe handling of corrosive liquids. Constructed from AISI 316L stainless steel with options for PEEK™ or PTFE™ gears, these pumps are durable and NSF certified for use with drinkable and consumable fluids. They operate silently and manage high temperatures up to 120°C (248°F), supporting a flow range from 20 to 250 l/h (5 to 66 GPH) and pressures up to 15 bar (218 psi). The magnetic drive mechanism ensures efficient power transfer and reduced wear, enhancing the pump's reliability and maintenance profile in electric vehicle charging systems.

MG517 series - The MG517 series magnet drive gear pump-motor unit is perfect for EV charger pumps, offering reliable and noiseless operation. It handles corrosive fluids safely with materials like AISI 316L and PPS, and operates in temperatures up to 120°C. Key applications include EV fast charging and thermal management. The pump supports a speed range of 100 to 5000 rpm, with a pressure capacity up to 20 bar. Compact and efficient, it's ideal for high-performance EV charging systems

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