Fluid-o-Tech Pumps for Sanitizers against Covid19

In this challenging time, Fluid-o-Tech products are at the heart of medical equipment and sanitizing devices, to save lives and stop the Covid19 virus from spreading. Discover on this page all the kinds of pumps for sanitizers we design and manufacture.

Sanitizer and disinfectant pumps:
our solutions to face Covid-19

With the Coronavirus emergency, sanitization is no longer an option but a must.

That’s why we are specialized in the design and implementation of sanitizer and disinfectant pumps.

The best solution to face these hard times is indeed a pump for sanitizers that works with peristaltic technology like the Fluid-o-Tech TP30 Series: precision, separation between pump and fluid, and low cost to OEMs in various industries.

Some features of the peristaltic pump for sanitizers

The elimination of the traditional gearbox and a design that allows a fast tube change or a complete pump replacement are some central elements of this peristaltic pump for sanitizers.

The pumps belonging to the TP30 series:

• have a flow range from 50 to 800 ml/min

• are available with brush and brushless DC drives

• can be quickly prepared for new fluids as the tubing is the only material in contact with the medium

• have compact dimensions

• have a flow directly proportional to speed

• are ideal for integration into OEM equipment

In addition, the pump head allows either a single transmission-multichannel, higher flow, or discrete fluid streams.

>>> Efficiency details. Fluid-o-Tech pumps for sanitizers feature repeatability characteristics and offer the utmost suction performances so they are used in dosing applications as well.

Here are some more details:

• Min flow rate: 3l/h

• Max flow rate: 45l/h

• Max differential pressure: 2 bar

• Max static pressure: 0 bar

Sanitizer and disinfectant pumps: when innovation meets Science

The peristaltic technology is capable of pumping the fluid without touching it.

Thanks to the innovative tubing pump design, our solutions offer precision, a clean flow, a low noise configuration, and fast tube changes.

Find out more about our unique solutions dedicated to sanitizer and disinfectant pumps:

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