Pumps for Water Injection

Water injection is an effective and reliable way to cool down hot points of fuel engines.

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Pumps for water injection by Fluid-o-Tech

What is water injection?

Water injection, or anti-detonant injection (ADI), is a technology that utilizes water spray to cool down parts of an induction system where high temperatures can possibly trigger premature ignition.

Pre-ignition, in fact, can be produced when so-called ‘hot spots’ reach a temperature high enough to create uncontrolled combustion rather than the timed spark from the spark plug. In order to avoid damage to the engine, it is recommended to use pumps for water injection.

Instead of cooling the engine from the outside, pumps for water injections are used internally and at a specific moment in the engine timing, so that induction system hot points can be cooled.

How do pumps for water injection work?

A dosing system is the central component of the water injection system technology and the pump for water injection is its heart.

These pumps spray water into the engine’s intake before fuel consumption, reducing engine temperature and therefore decreasing knocking (pre-ignition), which wastes fuel.

To increase engine power, pumps for water injection can resort to two methods:

direct spraying into the compressor inlet – which causes the air temperature to drop, increasing the velocity and density of the incoming air.

injection into the combustion chamber inlet – which is more effective because it decreases the pressure and the temperature while boosting fuel flow and speed rotation.

This technology is now made viable for gasoline engines in passenger cars. It will allow the production of cleaner and more efficient mobility, satisfying the requirements of the most stringent upcoming emission policies.

fg 200-300 pumps for water injection

Application fields

Water Injection has been historically used on aero engines and also on high-performed cars to increase the performance and fuel-saving of combustion engines. While improved efficiency and increased engine power were the main goals at the time, the most important results are fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Pumps for water injection are also used in some turbine and turboshaft engines, specifically when in need of a temporary high-thrust setting in order to enhance combustion power and fuel efficiency.

Today, they are used by original equipment manufacturers all over the world in the automotive industry as a smart integrated solution to cool down engine temperatures.

Here at Fluid-o-Tech, we have designed and manufactured millions of products for passenger cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles as well as construction and agricultural equipment.

Do you have a new project which involves a pump for water injection?

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What are their advantages?

As a fundamental component in the OEM field, these pumps must be manufactured with the most suitable technical characteristics, in order to be both efficient and effective when used.

This is the reason why pumps for water injection usually offer:

• a pulseless flow

• resistance to high temperatures and corrosion

• a compact design

• time and cost effectiveness

• reduced noise while operating

• a reliable sealing system

• compatibility with different vehicle engines

fg 200-300 water injection pumps

Pumps for water injection by Fluid-o-Tech

Fluid-o-Tech moved its first steps in the automotive field in 2005. Pulseless flow, reversible operations, long service life, low noise, and reduced size are the main characteristics that make Fluid-o-Tech pumps for water injection the preferred choice for water injection systems manufacturers and users worldwide.

Designed for easy integration into the vehicle according to OEM’s specifications, our pumps for water injection are designed to offer best-in-class performance operating under typical temperature conditions in the automotive field.

These pumps for water injection are specifically optimized to resist ambient conditions and vibrations, with a particular focus on freezing. We guarantee steady high performances while achieving long maintenance-free life.

At Fluid-o-Tech, we design and build smart integrated pump solutions from concept to mass production. We work in a strong team to share our skills, technology, and know-how to support our partners and to generate a competitive advantage to win today’s environmental and legislation challenges.

We strive to give our partners tomorrow’s technologies, today.

A Fluid-o-Tech product lies at the heart of water injection systems for passenger cars.

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