SCR pump and urea pump

Emission Control for Automotive

What are urea pumps and SCR pumps? How do they work? Find out these pumps and how Fluid-o-Tech designs the most ideal and effective solutions for each and every application in the automotive field:

Emissions control

Fluid-o-Tech SCR pump

Emissions control

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is an advanced active emissions control technology where a liquid-reductant agent is injected through a special catalyst into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine. The reductant source is usually automotive-grade urea, otherwise known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

SCR is the most promising method for reducing the number of nitrogen oxides in exhaust emissions in order to comply with legislation while still improving engine performance.

A Fluid-o-Tech SCR pump at the heart of diesel emission control for Euro 6 standard 6FL

A dosing system is the central component of SCR after-treatment technology and the pump is its heart.

Fluid-o-Tech moved its first steps in the field of NOx in 2005 and has since designed and manufactured products for passenger cars, trucks, and buses as well as construction and agricultural equipment. Fluid-o-Tech has notable manufacturers of commercial vehicles and exhaust gas systems among its final users.

Fluid-o-Tech gear pump technology has proven to be the most reliable, efficient, and robust pump technology over the years for use within the SCR delivery module.

Pulseless flow, reversible operations, long service life, low noise, and reduced size are the main characteristics that make the Fluid-o-Tech pump the preferred choice for SCR systems manufacturers and users worldwide.

Our products are designed for easy integration into the vehicle according to OEM’s specifications. We are able to offer best-in-class performance operating under temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to +80°C. Our solutions are specifically optimized to resist freezing conditions and vibrations. We guarantee steady high performance, whilst achieving long maintenance-free life.

At Fluid-o-Tech, we design and build smart integrated pump solutions from Concept to Mass production. We work in a strong team to share our skills, technology, and know-how to support our partners and to generate a competitive advantage to win today’s environmental and legislation challenges.

We strive to give our partners tomorrow’s technologies, today.

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