1 November 2015

This campaign represents the essence of Fluid-o-Tech.

One heart , which, by beating, gives life to our Customers’ machines and the Italian tradition of espresso coffee.

Grown up with the aroma that envelops our palates and awakens our senses, we love to share our passion with those of you who, like us, believe that a high quality coffee grain is just the beginning of the journey to the perfect espresso coffee. A journey made of people, commitment, belief, passion and excellence. We are part of that journey and we are proud of it!

50 years of experience in fluidics, engineering and creativity: the new PMFR series is designed and made in Italy. Eco-friendly, thanks to its low energy consumption and compact shapes. Designed primarily for espresso coffee machines and sparkling water, it is engineered to avoid any contamination of the fluid it touches.

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