Digital Smart Fluidics for Life Science

12 January 2020

The “Research and Innovation Hub” call for tender of the Lombardy Region promotes the Digital Smart Fluidics project submitted by Fluid-o-Tech in collaboration with the University of Pavia, Fondazione I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo, MC2, Sidam and PRIMA Lab. This project focuses on the creation of a standardised fluidic platform to develop smart biomedical devices and equipment for hospital and home infusion therapy for hospitalisation, artificial nutrition, pain therapy and resuscitation.

The first smart fluidic centre for Life Sciences will open in Lombardy. This centre will start its activities with the Digital Smart Fluidics project through the development of a standardised fluidic platform for personalised medicine and the development of biomedical devices and systems aiming at overcoming current technological limits.

This project, which initially focused on 4 applications, aims at leading the way to create components of a first innovative fluidic platform. Such a platform has a considerable development potential through the aggregation of specialised companies in Lombardy and other players of the biomedical industry to accelerate the innovation process and its effects in the biomedical and industrial field, involving a wide catchment area in Lombardy.

Within the 2014-2020 regional operational programme and the “Research and Innovation Hub” call for tender, the Lombardy Region has officially started the Digital Smart Fluidics project for Life Sciences. Of the 78 projects submitted, 33 were eligible for funding, having achieved a score of at least 85/100. This call for tender has selected extremely innovative projects that meet the needs of citizens and the territory, in view of the technological upgrade that the Lombardy Region has been promising for a while.

The Digital Smart Fluidics project will be implemented in 30 months with an overall investment of over € 7.7 million and will involve 69 people, institutions and outstanding companies in Italy’s research and industrial production fields. This project involves the University of Pavia, the Policlinico San Matteo di Pavia, Fluid-o-Tech, the head of this project and a leading company specialising in the design and manufacture of volumetric pumps and fluid management systems; Sidam, a leading company specialising in the manufacture of disposable medical devices for operating theatres, heart surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, intensive care, radiology; PRIMA Lab, a company specialising in quick tests for detecting the presence of substances and biomarkers and the quick and effective diagnosis of various personal health problems; MC2, which provides its expertise in control and monitoring electronics, ensuring integration between the fluidic and electronic components.

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