Dispensing pumps

A dispensing or dosing pump is a pump device used to deliver a constant and stable amount of liquid. This type of pump is usually applied to bottles, tubes, jars, or other containers, due to the ability to dose and meter fluids with different viscosities.

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What is a dispensing pump and how does it work

Fluid-o-Tech dispensing pumps

Fields of application

Advantages of Fluid-o-Tech dispensing pumps

What is a dispensing pump and how does it work?

A dispensing pump is a positive-displacement pump designed to deliver a determined liquid flow – in a precise manner and without leakage – from one container to another. The fluid is contained inside the pump and can be effectively moved inside pipes, bottles, and other types of containers.

We could have different types of dosing pumps such as:

Diaphragm pumps, where the diaphragm regulates fluid dispensing
Positive displacement pumps, such as gear pumps, rotary vane pumps, disinfection pumps, and peristaltic pumps
Piston pumps, which offer an alternative motion generated from an eccentric motor o a crankshaft

How is the dispensing procedure performed?

• the action of the pumps sucks up the liquid
• the liquid enters the internal circuit and undergoes a specific pressure
• the fluid movement ends when it reaches the pump output
• here, the dosing pump is able to accurately deliver the fluid in the required amount

Dosing pumps can be powered by an electric or pneumatic engine which is responsible for moving and dispensing a specific liquid.

dosing pump functioning

Fluid-o-Tech dispensing pumps

Fluid-o-Tech designs high-precision dispensing pumps built to be more effective and long-lasting thanks to the robust quality of the components.

In fact, the dispensing pumps we produce can be personalized according to our customers’ requirements. We provide custom-made solutions and we can offer a wide range of pumps in the most suitable material according to the application and the type of fluid.

Fluid-o-Tech is also able to help you find the dosing pump that is most suitable to your end uses or manufacture the solution that best meets your needs in terms of precision, pressure, and flow.

The innovation of our manufacturing aims to meet the highest possible quality standards in order to offer you unique pumps with excellent performance.

Find out the wide range of pumps we can offer!

Fields of application of dosing pumps

Thanks to their versatility, dispensing pumps find applications in several sectors. For example:

• they are useful in the pharmaceutical and medical fields where different types of fluids need to be dispensed steadily.

• also, food service market businesses rely on dispensing pumps to deliver measured quantities of liquids. In fact, they can serve as components for post-mix dispensers, coffee machines, water coolers, and soda machines.

• since our range of dosing pumps is designed to function with more or less dense fluids, they can also be used for paints and inks.

• in addition to the applications listed above, dispensing pumps can be found in domestic and commercial applications due to their use as a component in dispensers for shampoo, soap, detergents, and many others.

mg200-400 dosing pumps

Advantages of Fluid-o-Tech dispensing pumps

Dispensing pumps are devices that find widespread use because of their numerous advantages. In particular, our pumps guarantee a high level of performance and quality.

Among their main benefits, they are:

easy to use, maintain, and service
resistant to corrosion & chemicals, due to the range of materials available.
100 % tested by our team of experts
fully customizable according to your preferences
outstandingly reliable and with a compact design

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