Disinfection pumps

Fluid-o-Tech's disinfection pumps are high quality solutions for sterilization systems that deal with sanitizing and disinfecting environments.

The Covid 19 emergency taught us that disinfecting environments on a day-to-day basis is extremely important for safety, health, and preventing viral disease outbreaks.

At Fluid-o-Tech, we have taken this issue to heart and dedicated ourselves to the design and manufacture of disinfection pumps.

Features and applications of our disinfection dosing pumps

Fluid-o-Tech's dosing pumps are ideal for spray applications of disinfectants for the following reasons:

• are compact and generate high pressure ( fundamental for disinfectants)
• are built with chemical corrosion resistant materials
• have long life
• do not require maintenance
• are designed with extreme precision down to the smallest detail

Our disinfection pumps are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. They are useful in these fields where different types of liquids need to be dosed evenly. Discover more about our dispensing pumps.

The solutions of Fluid-o-Tech

The Italian company Fluid-o-Tech has specialized over the years in the manufacture of dispensing pumps. Among other things, recently, given the health emergency Covid 19, has focused on pumps for sanitizers and has focused everything on innovation.

Here you can find our disinfection pumps solutions. They are:

Magnetic drive external gear pumps - they offer magnetic coupling, stable pulse-free output, high pressure capability and high throughput.
Direct drive external gear pumps - they offer stable fluid flow, repeatable and predictable throughput, and excellent priming capability.
Peristaltic pumps - they offer precision, clean flow, low noise configuration and quick hose changes.

Depending on customer needs, we at Fluid-o-Tech can provide customized solutions in terms of precision, flow rate and pressure. We can manufacture a wide range of disinfection pumps from the most suitable material for the application and type of fluid.

All Fluid-o-Tech disinfection dispensing pumps meet the highest possible quality standards and are unique products with excellent performance.

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