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Fluid-o-Tech is an Italian dosing pump manufacturer that distributes a range of pumps of the highest dosing accuracy and reliability.
We manufacture high precision dosing pumps that are more efficient and durable thanks to the robust quality of the components.
Let's discover the dosing pumps in detail.

What is a Fluid-o-Tech’s dosing pump?

It is a pumping device used to dispense a constant and stable amount of liquid. This type of pump is usually used in bottles, tubes, jars or other containers, as it can dispense and measure liquids with different viscosities.

There are different types of dosing pumps, such as, diaphragm pumps, positive displacement pumps like gear pumps, rotary vane pumps and peristaltic pumps, and piston pumps.

Fluid-o-tech dosing pumps are widely used thanks to their numerous advantages. In particular, our pumps guarantee a high level of performance and quality.

Their main advantages include:

• easy to use, maintain and service
• corrosion and chemical resistant due to the various materials available.
• 100% tested by our team of experts
• fully customizable to your needs
• excellent reliability and compact design

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Fields of application of the dosing pumps manufactured by Fluid-o-Tech

Our dosing pumps are used in various fields.

  1. For example, they are useful in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, where different types of liquids need to be dosed evenly.
  2. Dosing pumps are also used in the food industry to deliver measured quantities of liquids. They can serve as components for post-mix dispensers, coffee machines, water coolers and beverage vending machines.
  3. Since our pumps are designed for more or less dense liquids, they can also be used for paints and printing inks.
  4. In addition to the above applications, dosing pumps can also be found in domestic and commercial applications, as they are used as a component of dispensers for shampoo, soap, detergents and many other products

Choose Fluid-o-Tech as your dosing pump manufacturer

Choose us as your dosing pump manufacturer: we are the right partner for you!

The dosing pumps we manufacture can be personalized according to the requirements of our customers. We offer customized solutions and can provide a wide range of pumps made of the most suitable material for each application and type of fluid.

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