Fuel Cell Pumps

Fuel Cells are the most promising technology for emission-free mobility, Fluid-o-Tech's team of experts invests time and know-how in developing and manufacturing Fuel Cell pumps with a high degree of precision.

Fuel cells are the most promising technology to support the mobility sector. Fuel Cells are used in zero-emission mobility vehicles so that cars, buses, and trucks can become more efficient, sustainable, and clean. In fact, hydrogen-fueled fuel cells emit only heat and water as waste products and have no negative impact on the environment.

In this context, the Fluid-o-Tech team is developing innovative pumps to meet the challenge of new hydrogen-powered fuel cells, demonstrating our ability to develop customized solutions for this emerging industry.

Properties and mode of operation of a fuel cell

In a fuel cell, there is a continuous feed of fuel (e.g., hydrogen from natural gas) that reacts with an oxidizer (such as oxygen from the air). This produces water, electricity, and heat. This electrochemical reaction is also called "cold combustion" and is particularly efficient.

The operation of fuel cells can be compared to that of batteries: A chemical reaction between the anode and cathode produces energy. This energy can be used in vehicles and has many advantages, such as:

• generation of electrical and thermal energy
• high efficiency
• operation in a virtually pollutant-free site
• low-wear and low-maintenance

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps for Fuel Cell Vehicles

One of Fluid-o-Tech's main goals is to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Our pumps have been developed both to circulate coolant within the system but more importantly to supply the fuel cell with hydrogen.

Fuel cell pumps must offer precise regulation and a wide range of flow rate modulation. This is very important in vehicles that mount this technology because it determines the power delivered by the cell and consequently the speed of the vehicle.

Our gear pumps have significant advantages including pulseless flow, integrated monitoring along with very accurate metering capability. The magnetic coupling allows the containment of the pumped fluid with no leakage.

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