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Fluid-o-Tech is a leading company providing the health tech sector with pumps and components of dialysis machines that are compatible with hemodialysis solutions. On this page, you can find out this type of therapy and the products we are able to offer.

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What is hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a therapy that becomes necessary when kidneys are no longer able to function correctly. This means that they cannot filter blood and produce urine, thus leading to the accumulation of toxins and excessive liquids in the body.

When this condition occurs, the most suitable hemodialysis solutions and dialysis machines components – acting as an artificial kidney that replace the typical renal functioning – must be employed. This way, you can achieve effective filtration and removal of excessive waste and fluids while balancing the level of electrolytes.

In order to do so, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities resort to the effectiveness of pumps for hemodialysis. Fluid-o-Tech manufactures components for this type of dialysis machines that are 100% compatible with the solutions used in this medical procedure.

Which solutions are used in hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis solutions, as we have mentioned earlier, are meant to rebalance the concentration of electrolytes and cleanse the blood from impurities. These liquids contain salt and are sterile but require dilution with non-sterile water.

Hemodialysis solutions are more commonly known as dialysates and are formulated with:

• amino acids
• bicarbonate
or lactate
• calcium
• chloride
• glucose
• icodextrin
• magnesium
• potassium
• sodium

What are the components of a dialysis machine and how do they work?

To effectively cleanse blood and make it recirculate in the patient’s body, dialysis machines are always designed with the following three main components:

a hemodialyzer – a plastic tube that acts as an artificial kidney – where the patient’s blood flows at a slow rate
a dialysis membrane, made of special pores that allow some substances of the dialysate to permeate the blood
a dialysate (or dialysis fluid), which is the actual hemodialysis solution with a specific concentration of electrolytes

When the hemodialysis solution flows through the components of the dialysis machine and comes into contact with the blood, the two fluids collide because they are moving in opposite directions. The result is a countercurrent that allows the passage of the solution’s molecules and that cleanses the blood of any toxins and waste, later expelled through a drain.

Fluid-o-Tech hemodialysis pumps and components for dialysis machines

Fluid-o-Tech designs and manufactures pumps and components of dialysis machines that are fully compatible with any hemodialysis solution. Our gear pumps and cooling pumps, in fact, offer the highest possible level of technological innovation on the market.

All our components for hemodialysis machines use the most suitable materials to guarantee high-quality and long-lasting performance. In addition, they’re equipped with a sealed magnetic drive that ensures the safety of both the liquids and the pump operators.

Reliability is a key feature of our pumps and components of dialysis machines, thanks to the cutting-edge manufacturing processes we internally carry out. Aside from their efficiency, our products are also versatile and customizable according to the needs of our clients.

Are you looking for dialysis pumps and machine components that can work with hemodialysis solutions without any damage? Contact us!

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