Micro Dosing Pump

Micro dosing pumps are small and compact pumps that are used for dosing and metering purposes. In fact, they are able to deliver a precise volume of liquid when required.

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How do micro dosing pumps work?

What are their application fields?

What are their advantages?

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How do micro dosing pumps work?

The ultimate goal of a micro dosing pump is to control a specific flow passing through its body and deliver it on a different end. This means that they must be manufactured and operate with incredible accuracy.

How do they work?

1. At the heart of this technology, there is a flexible, reciprocating diaphragm that sucks a predetermined amount of fluid inside the pump

2. The liquid is drawn into the displacement chamber thanks to this diaphragm: its vibration, in fact, provokes suction and moves the fluid into (and out of) the internal tank

3. The inbound and outbound flow is regulated by baffle valves, which are usually made in the same material as the diaphragm

4. Once in the chamber, the liquid is mixed with another specifically measured substance and later moved to the other end of the pump

Micro dosing pumps can be powered by an electric engine with a direct or magnetic motor drive.

Here follow the main types of pumps that are most suitable for these needs:

• rotary vane or lobe pumps

• internal or external gear pumps

• peristaltic pumps

• piston pumps

• diaphragm pumps

The application fields

Micro dosing pumps find their main application in chemical-related uses. Since their structure is resistant to corrosion and compatible with aggressive liquids, they are able to ensure safe and precise dosing even in critical conditions.

That’s why you mainly find these pumps in the following sectors:

• medical labs and clinics

• pharmaceutical industry

• biotechnology and chemical medicine

Other than these, micro dosing pumps are reliable components in:

• dialysis and hemodialysis systems

• mechanical engineering

• disinfection and sterilization devices


All the advantages of these pumps

Micro dosing pumps find widespread use thanks to the advantages they offer. Specifically, we’re talking about:

• compatibility with a wide flow and viscosity range

• a small and compact yet robust structure

resistance to high temperatures, wear, and corrosion

easy to maintain and clean

• a pulseless flow

• a seal-less design

Fluid-o-Tech’s micro pumping solutions for dosing

As a leader in the pumping industry, Fluid-o-Tech ensures products that are entirely made in Italy. In our manufacturing, we only resort to the latest technology and the most suitable materials available. The result of our know-how and high-quality processes is the satisfaction of our customers.

We supply our micro dosing pumps worldwide for endless industrial and commercial sectors, also with particular specifications. Thanks to our customization service, in fact, we can create tailor-made pumps that specifically meet your requirements.

As a trusted partner for national and international OEMs, our peristaltic pumps, external or internal gear pumps, and rotary vane pumps are the perfect choice for dosing purposes.

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