Micro Gear Pump

Micro gear pumps are high-precision pumps that transfer a specific fluid with the support of gears. Thus, they fall into the positive displacement pump category and can either have internal or external gears.

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How do micro gear pumps work?

Their advantages

Their application fields

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How do micro gear pumps work?

As we have mentioned earlier, micro gear pumps come in two main configurations:

Micro internal gear pumps – their internal gears are interlocked but eccentrically mounted, and rotate simultaneously to transmit the liquid from one port to another. The outer gear, called the ring, drives the inner one, called the idler, which usually has fewer teeth than the other.

Micro external gear pumps – their identical gears are meshed side by side. The driving gear is responsible for moving the idle gear. Their simultaneous movement transfers the liquid from the inlet to the outlet port.

Here follows the operating process of a micro gear pump:

1. Fluid suction is generated at the inlet port of the micro gear pump once the gap between the gears widens

2. This causes volumes to dynamically change and traps the liquid inside the void that is created

3. The trapped fluid is compressed, thus transferred to the other side of the pump

4. The movement finishes when the gap closes at the outlet port, which is when the gears perfectly mesh together

At this point, the fluid is finally discharged under pressure.

Advantages of micro gear pumps

Micro gear pumps are renowned for their endless advantages in industrial applications.

In fact, they

• are suitable for a wide range of flow rates

• are characterized by low pulsation

• can also transfer viscous fluids

• withstand low and high temperatures

• are resistant to corrosion and shear

• deliver long-lasting performance

• have a compact, lightweight, and seal-less design

• can operate in continuous delivery

Micro gear pump applications

Micro gear pumps find widespread use for purposes that mainly concern

dosing and metering



These applications, in fact, require high-precision solutions such as our micro gear pumps. You can find them as fundamental equipment in fuel cell technologies, SCR and urea systems, or dialysis technologies, for example.

That’s why several industries resort to their advantages, such as:

Health tech

Paints and inks


Fluid-o-Tech’s innovative range of pumps

Fluid-o-Tech operates to offer endless pumping solutions according to OEM’s specifications. Our products meet the needs of specific industries with steady performance and long service life.

Here at Fluid-o-Tech, our engineering team manufactures smart and integrated pumps resorting to the latest technology. If you have specific needs, you can also ask us to customize the micro pump you are interested in.

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