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In the world of precision fluid transfer, micro pumps have been revolutionizing various industries. From medical devices to analytical instruments, these diminutive yet efficient devices have garnered immense attention. Why? On this page, you will discover what a micro pump is, how it works, its application, and why it can be the best choice for your company. Rely on Fluid-O-Tech solutions!

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What is a micro pump and how does it work?

Applications of Micro Pumps

Why choose a micro pump

Fluid-o-Tech's Micro Pumps

What is a micro pump and how does it work?

A micro pump is a miniature pump designed to handle small volumes of liquids with utmost precision.

These pumps operate on the same principles as their larger counterparts but are tailored for microfluidic applications. Micro pumps typically utilize mechanisms such as diaphragms, gear systems, or peristaltic actions to transfer fluids in microliter or nanoliter quantities.

The miniaturization of these pumps enables controlled fluid movement in restricted spaces, making them ideal for applications where accuracy and compactness are paramount.

Here's a closer look at how a micro pump operates:

The process starts as the micro pump draws in the fluid from the source, which could be a reservoir or a connected system

Depending on the pump type, the micro pump employs one of the mechanisms mentioned above (diaphragms, gear systems, or peristaltic actions)

As the mechanical action unfolds, the micro pump applies pressure on the fluid. This pressure differential drives the fluid toward the outlet

In conclusion, the fluid exits the micro pump through the outlet, either for direct use or further processing within a larger system.

Applications of Micro Pumps

A micro pump can be very useful in many industrial sectors:

Medical Devices - A micro pump plays a pivotal role in drug delivery systems, diagnostic devices, and wearable medical tech, ensuring precise and controlled administration of medications

Analytical Instruments - From chromatography to spectroscopy, micro pumps are instrumental in sample introduction, solvent delivery, and fluidic control, enhancing analytical accuracy.

Biotechnology - Microfluidics research benefits from a micro pump, aiding tasks like cell sorting, DNA analysis, and lab-on-a-chip systems.

Environmental Monitoring - These pumps contribute to real-time environmental monitoring, helping analyze water quality and air pollutants

Automotive and Aerospace - Micro pumps ensure accurate fuel injection, lubrication, and cooling in advanced engines and aerospace systems.

Fluid-O-Tech manufactures micro pumps for several applications. Contact us for further information!

Why choose a micro pump

Let's discover why opting for a micro pump can be a game-changer:

Precision - Micro pumps offer exceptional accuracy, enabling controlled fluid transfer even in minute quantities

Compact Design - Their miniature size makes them suitable for integrating small-scale devices and applications with space constraints

Reduced Waste - The precise nature of micro pumps minimizes the wastage of expensive reagents and fluids

Customization - Micro pumps can be tailored to specific flow rates, pressures, and fluid types, catering to diverse application needs.

Speaking of customization, Fluid-O-tech offers different types of micro pumps that can be easily adapted to various customer needs. Find out how we can work together.

Fluid-o-Tech's Micro Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech is a leading company in pump manufacturing and offers a wide range of micro pump solutions, includingmicro metering pumps.

There are different types of micro metering pumps:

External and internal micro gear pumps

Micro External Gear Pumps - In these pumps, the gears are the same and fit next to each other. The gear that pushes is called the driving gear. It makes the other gear, called the idle gear, move. When both gears move together, they push the liquid from where it comes into where it goes out.

micro pump 1

Micro Internal Gear Pumps - Inside these pumps, there are gears that spin together to move liquid from one place to another. The outside gear is called the ring, and it makes the inside gear, known as the idler, move.

micro pump 2

Peristaltic Pumps - operate through the volume alteration within a pump chamber to propel and pressurize fluid. In these pumps, the flow rate remains consistently tied to the speed, showcasing a direct proportionality. Distinguished by its valve-free, seal-free, and gland-free construction, this pump boasts an enhanced design and simplified maintenance protocols.

micro pump peristaltic

Create your personalized micro pump with us! Fluid-O-Tech is here for you!

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