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Pigmented ink pumps find widespread use in commercial and industrial fields requiring the printing of different kinds of materials – also with pigmented inks and specific inkjet technology. This last one is called piezoelectric and opposes no obstacle to the typology of ink used.

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characteristics and functions of pigmented ink pumps

Fluid-o-Tech’s pigmented ink pumps

Characteristics and functions of pigmented ink pumps

Among the typologies of inks mainly used in the printing field, pigmented inks and dye-based inks are commonly found. The main difference between these inks is the substance used to provide the color – which is pigments in pigmented inks and dyes in dye-based inks:

• a pigment is an element that can color a surface by overlapping, which means fully covering the object – in our case, paper – and giving it a specific color
• a dye is an element that can fix on the surface and penetrate inside it, thus permanently giving it a specific color

A pigmented ink pump resorts to pulseless technology to pump and deposit inks with different colors and solvents on a particular surface.

The inkjet can be:


In both cases, pigmented inks flow through the pump body to the print head, where they are expelled in droplets. On their way, inks undergo different charges and pressures so that they can better adapt to the printing surface and dry more rapidly.

Among the fundamental characteristics of pigmented ink pumps, you will find:

compact dimensions
high-precision performance
• the gear material – which offers higher differential pressures than standard systems
long service life

According to the pigmentation of the ink, these pumps can be equipped with different gear types to better adapt to the nature of the pumping fluid and resist corrosion and wear.

Fluid-o-Tech’s pigmented ink pumps

The vast manufacturing that Fluid-o-Tech is able to offer includes specific pump models for different types of print that are suitable with particular inks and paints. Among these, of course, you will find our pigmented ink pumps.

Our solutions are provided with pulseless technology guaranteeing constant pressure and highly controlled and accurate flow. Finally, the dosing and the inkjet during the printing process give life to extraordinary results.

Not to mention that, upon demand, our pigmented ink pumps can be customized according to the application needs of our clients. In fact, we are able to design solutions equipped with innovative technologies and unique designs, and supported by a wide range of components with magnetic drive.

Trust the effectiveness of Fluid-o-Tech’s manufacturing and obtain a high-quality pump with long-lasting performance.

Contact us now to find the most ideal solution for you or to know more about our pigmented ink pumps!

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