Pumps for Electrostatic Sprayers

Pumps for electrostatic sprayers can be used in any field requiring the perfect atomization of sanitizing droplets to eliminate any form of contamination by germs, viruses, microbes, pathogens, and bacteria.

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How do pumps for electrostatic sprayers work

Pumps for electrostatic sprayers are meant to operate with a spray nozzle through which a cleaning and sanitizing liquid is dispensed into positively-charged microdroplets that coat and disinfect any negatively-grounded surfaces.

The pump can achieve high pressure that forces volumes of disinfectant into the atomizing chamber. The pump can be used with or without a compressor to achieve the target spray distance. Finally, the electrostatic voltage positively charges the droplets that are instantly attracted to any surface.

Once the disinfectant and antimicrobial particles are electrostatically attached to the surface – and the 3-dimensional disinfection is completed – there is no need for rinsing or wiping. The entire process only takes a short time and will protect the area for up to 30 days.

Since high pressure is required, the most common pumps for electrostatic sprayers are external gear pumps, which are suitable for a wide variety of fluids and offer:

• a flow rate up to 90 l/h
• a pressure up to 10 bar
self-priming technology
low pulsation
compact design and lightweight
quiet operation
high accuracy
no maintenance required

Electrostatic spray application

Pumps for electrostatic sprayers are compact but can come in different dimensions. Thus, according to the intended purpose, you might find mobile, automatic, or manual spraying systems that need a specific pump and battery.

Pumps for electrostatic sprayers applications

Pumps for electrostatic sprayers have always been used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces where bacteria are likely to teem, in order to avoid the risk of contamination and spreading of diseases.

Today, these pumps have become one of the primary means to fight COVID-19, because they can effectively annihilate any viruses from different types of surfaces. In fact, electrostatic sprays are used mainly in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and the health tech industry.

Uses of pumps for electrostatic sprayers are not limited to this. They are also commonly employed in the food service field, in public and domestic settings, and wherever complete disinfection is required.

Because of their versatility, these pumps are designed to be compatible with several types of sanitizing liquids, confined area applications, and different materials without any toxic or corrosive effects.

The advantages of a pump for electrostatic sprayers

When it comes to choosing pumps for electrostatic sprayers, you can rest assured that our solutions guarantee the highest quality and level of innovation. This is why they are able to offer:

effective and reliable technology
long-lasting performance
higher speed of application
versatility for endless uses
easy operating
3-dimensional coverage on surfaces
low energy consumption
low volume of cleaning solutions

Fluid-o-Tech’s pumps for electrostatic sprayers

Fluid-o-Tech is a leader in pump manufacturing. We’ve been operating in several fields – such as medical, food, and health tech – and constantly supplying our customers with the most ideal solution for their needs.

Among our pumps for electrostatic sprayers, our external gear pumps work with high pressures and spray deeper jets with broader coverage than standard systems. They also reduce drying time after the cleaning cycle.

Our pumps are available with a pulseless system and in a wide range of configurations. They can also be customized and fine-tuned with specific design parameters that improve their spraying performance.

With the highest levels of precision and unparalleled effectiveness, our pumps for electrostatic sprayers will be able to support you during any sanitizing and disinfecting operations with repeatable performance in the long run.

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