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UV ink pumps are the basis of advanced UV printing technology. As opposed to other types of prints, this printing effectively accelerates the whole process on several materials. Find out more about this revolutionary technology and about the pumps used for UV ink.

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UV printing technology and advantages

how do UV ink pumps work

Fluid-o-Tech UV ink pumps

UV printing technology and its advantages

This type of technology is based on the combination of ink pumps and UV lamps. Through the action of ultraviolet light and pumps, the printers are able to rapidly print and dry ink on paper, with excellent brilliance.

The use of inks correctly reacting to UV ray exposure is essential. When these inks are irradiated, the polymerization process starts. In other words, the ink molecules gather in stable and solid clusters, while letting the liquid component evaporate.

What are the advantages of this type of printing?

• it can be performed on different kinds of material: plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, etc.
• it delivers high-quality results on objects with different dimensions, even the smallest
• drying time is fast
• it can be performed on small object quantities
• UV printing is unlimited on three-dimensional supports

UV ink pumps functioning

Originally, UV ink printers were supported by pneumatic double membrane technology in their functioning, which was soon replaced by other types of more performing pumps, such as membrane pumps, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, and gear pumps.

Peristaltic pumps and most of all gear pumps offer:

greater effectiveness

• dosing accuracy

• high speed

UV ink pumps are used to move the ink from the tank to the printhead and vice versa while keeping the temperature constant and avoiding pigment deposits on the printhead – thus causing clogging. The pump is also used to create pressure within the system.

The majority of inks are highly viscous and have great pigmentation. This means that the materials selected for UV ink pump manufacturing – mostly for gears – must be able to guarantee protection from chemical attacks.

UV ink pumps by Fluid-o-Tech

The heart of any printing technology must concern precise ink supply with high dosing accuracy, in order to ensure constant quality prints. Our deep knowledge of this industry allows us to contribute in a decisive way to the worldwide development and supply of UV ink pumps.

The pumps we manufacture offer all the advantages listed above, with a level of technological innovation only Fluid-o-Tech can guarantee. Our solutions are also perfect to pump UV inks with different viscosities and offer a long life cycle.

Fluid-o-Tech offers a series of UV ink pumps for this field which are able to operate with pulseless pressure and with a wide range of paints and inks made in different pigments and colorings.

Our partners rely on this superior performance to ensure printing excellence, and our team of experts is available to listen to each one of your needs and support you through the design of the most appropriate solution.

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