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A volumetric pump is a mechanical device widely used in many industrial settings. Find out how it works, the existing types, and all its advantages, and check out Fluid-o-Tech's offering!

What is a volumetric pump and where does it apply

How it works

The types of volumetric pumps

Advantages of a volumetric pump

Fluid-o-Tech's solutions

What is a volumetric pump and where does it apply

A volumetric pump is a mechanical device used to transfer a fluid from point A to point B by the movement of a pumping chamber.

This pump ensures constant and smooth flow; in fact, it is designed to move a fixed volume of fluid per pumping cycle. Unlike other types of pumps, volumetric pumps offer precise control over the amount of fluid transferred and are able to adapt to a wide range of operating conditions.

Volumetric pumps can handle viscous, corrosive, or solids-containing fluids, making them a reliable and durable choice for many applications.

Precisely because of their great versatility, they are used in a variety of industries, such as:

• chemical engineering

• food and beverage industry,

• agricultural sector

How it works

As previously mentioned, a volumetric pump operates by a basic principle: the transfer of a fixed volume of fluid for each pumping cycle. There are different types of volumetric pumps, but they all operate by following the same basic mechanism.

Here's how it works:

• First, the fluid to be pumped is drawn into the pumping chamber through an inlet opening

• Next, the chamber is reduced in volume, increasing the pressure inside and pushing the fluid toward the outlet opening

This cycle of suction and discharge repeats continuously, allowing fluid transfer in a continuous and controlled way.

Each cycle of operation is completed when full rotation (360°) of the drive shaft is achieved.

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The types of volumetric pumps

As mentioned above, there are several types of volumetric pumps, which are generally classified into:

Rotary pumps - are driven by rotary elements such as gears, lobes, vanes or similar elements. These components are driven by a rotating shaft, generating the motion necessary to pump fluid. Rotary pumps are used to convey dense and/or highly viscous fluids, and the flow rate is independent of the pressure difference. The rotor is driven by an electric motor

Reciprocating pumps - use a reciprocating-motion organ to apply pressure energy directly to the liquid. They can be divided into single-acting pumps (if the piston works only in one direction), or double-acting pumps, if the piston works in both one direction and the other.

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Advantages of a volumetric pump

The main advantages of a volumetric pump include:

Precise flow control for even fluid distribution

Adaptability to different operating conditions, a factor that makes them particularly versatile and suitable for use in various industries

Wear resistance that results in increased durability and reliability over time, reducing maintenance and replacement costs

Ability to handle sensitive fluids that could be damaged by more aggressive pumping solutions

Fluid-o-Tech's solutions

Fluid-o-Tech manufactures different types of volumetric pumps capable of meeting all the needs of your business.

Rotary pumps, peristaltic pumps, external and internal gear pumps - at Fluid-o-Tech you are sure to find the best in technology and innovation, in fact, we provide solutions that guarantee exceptional performance for very long periods of time.

Our products, all Made in Italy, ensure the highest level of competence for all our customers from a wide range of industries.

We also offer the ability to customize our pumps to fit the particular specifications of customers, who have been relying on our professionalism and best services for years.

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