Water Circulation Pumps

Water circulation pumps allow domestic water to constantly flow in a building’s plumbing system, in order for it to circulate faster and reduce water waste.

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What is domestic hot water circulation

What’s a hot circulation pump used for

How does it work and which types are suitable

Fluid-o-Tech’s models

Circulation pumps for solar water heating

The benefits offered by these pumps

What is domestic hot water circulation?

Every building, domestic or industrial, has its own plumbing system and taps that allow for the transfer and delivery of hot and cold water for endless uses. Nevertheless, hot water usually covers a longer distance than cold water. This is why it’s not unusual to wait a few seconds, or even minutes, before receiving water with adequate temperature.

Besides, once the tap is closed, hot water does not circulate back into its circuit but is stuck in its pipes, where it cools down and thus it’s not as usable as before.

Circulation and the pumps used for these functions are meant to accelerate the delivery times of domestic hot water. Circulation can function continuously – thus operating throughout the whole day – and be both manually or automatically and centralized operated.

What’s a hot water circulation pump used for?

Domestic hot water circulation pumps are the perfect solution because they ensure that water circulates back to its heater and can heat up again for future uses.

Basically, these pumps are used as a means of:

• guaranteeing the circulation’s continuous functioning

moving hot water toward taps

checking the temperature of circulating water

Also, they find widespread use not only in the domestic field but also:

• in the environmental field – used with solar systems

• for water treatment purposes

• in the smart farming field

and in every sector where hot water circulation is required.

One of the advantages and reasons why these pumps are widely used in the waste and energy consumption saving they ensure.

How do hot water circulation pumps work and which are the available types?

Every pump is associated with a specific pipe – which is ideal for domestic hot water circulation – that is connected to the waterworks of a certain building. The pipe, in fact, allows for directing the water toward the tape and vice versa toward the heater according to the needs. Thus, it forms an internal circuit.

The pump is behind the movement of hot water and – since it works closely with the additional pipe – offers stable and safe circulation performance. Usually, it is powered by electricity.

There are different types of circulation pumps available, some of them are more suitable for solar system connection, while others are simply ideal to circulate domestic hot water.

According to the required performance, temperatures, and final uses, you can choose among the following main configurations:

Rotary vane pumps

External gear pumps

Internal gear pumps

Fluid-o-Tech’s models

Let’s now discover some models of water circulation pumps offered by Fluid-o-Tech:

PO70 400 - These hot water circulation pumps are designed for versatility and are available with either brass or stainless steel bodies. They are equipped with an internal safety valve and 3/8” NPT or GAS connections. They offer a flow rate range from 70 to 400 l/h at 1450 rpm, with the ability to operate at 1725 rpm to increase capacity up to a maximum of 530 l/h. The maximum supported pressure is 16 bar.


PO500 1000- Known for their robust and versatile features, these pumps for hot water circulation come with housing options in brass or stainless steel, equipped with an internal safety valve and 1/2” NPT or GAS ports. They provide a nominal flow rate range between 500 and 1000 l/h at 1450 rpm, with the capability to operate at 1725 rpm for an increased capacity up to about 1200 l/h, representing a 20% increase. The maximum manageable pressure is 16 bar.


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TM30 200 - The TM 30-200 water circulation pumps are designed for versatility and high performance. These rotary vane volumetric pumps are available with brass or stainless steel bodies, equipped with an internal safety valve and 3/8” NPT or GAS connections. Designed for a nominal flow rate ranging from 30 to 200 l/h at 1450 rpm, these pumps can operate up to 3500 rpm, offering a maximum flow rate of 550 l/h proportional to speed.


TM300 400 - These volumetric pumps for water circulation feature a stainless steel body and are equipped with an internal safety valve and 3/8” NPT or GAS connections. Designed to operate at a nominal flow rate of 300-400 l/h at 1450 rpm, they can reach up to 1725 rpm and provide a maximum flow of 560 l/h, proportional to speed. The maximum supported pressure is 18 bar, ensuring optimal operation under various conditions. The innovative magnetic coupling to the motor eliminates the need for seals, increasing durability and reducing maintenance.


TH500 1000 - These pumps are ideal for those who need a reliable system for moving water in industrial and residential settings. Available with brass or stainless steel bodies, they feature an internal safety valve and 1/2" NPT or GAS connections. With a maximum pressure of 14 bar and a magnetic coupling to the motor that eliminates seals, these pumps ensure long-lasting, uninterrupted performance.


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Circulation pumps for solar water heating

In the environmental field, circulation pumps are employed with solar panels for water heating. Solar thermal panels, in fact, are coupled to heaters and heating systems that heat up domestic water starting from the solar power collected by the modules.

Circulation pumps are used as fundamental elements in the installation of solar heating systems both for domestic and industrial applications according to the model and the performance it offers. They always guarantee the perfect circulation of the domestic hot water produced through solar power.

Thanks to their compact size and versatility, they can be directly connected to the solar panel thus optimizing energy consumption too.

The benefits offered by domestic water circulation pumps

As we have already mentioned, the main benefit of circulation pumps that heat domestic water – also in the case of solar heaters – is the reduction of waste and time. Notably, what decreases is the cold water wasted while waiting for the water with the right temperature to come.

In order to optimize consumption even more, it is possible to associate circulation pumps with a timer or sensor which allows to activate or stop the pump only when in need, thus making domestic hot water circulate in pre-established time frames – and not continuously.

This saving has a considerably positive impact on the energy expenses used to power a house or a company and it helps cut the bill amount.

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