Laser cooling pumps

This article is intended to provide an overview of the main laser systems and the laser cooling pumps that can be used in the chiller systems.

Here is a brief summary:

Laser cooling pumps for Chiller Systems

Main laser systems

Laser cooling pumps in chiller systems

Applications of coolant pumps

Fluid-o-Tech laser cooling pumps

Cooling pumps for chiller systems

A chiller system reduces controls the temperature and reduces the heat in a specific industrial or commercial setting. At the heart of these systems, there is a cooling pump that is responsible for activating the circuit and allowing the movement of cooling liquid with consequent transformation into a refrigerant gas.

Once this process is completed, the gas is released into the area in order to cool temperatures.

Thus, a cooling pump is compatible with different chiller systems and finds widespread use in different industrial sectors. As new pumping technologies have recently seen the light to meet the market needs, Fluid-o-Tech also responded with its own innovative cooling solutions.

Laser System General Overview

Commonly, you can find two main systems:

Low Power Laser Systems – where it is sufficient to control the air blow to check the temperature and remove residual heat.
High Power Laser Systems – where there is a greater amount of heat and consequently, the system requires an increased level of cooling capacity. This enormous amount of heat has to be removed to avoid temperature peaks, which could impair system performance, or even worse damage the laser.

This is why a cooling system is needed.

These systems can be integrated into or connected to laser systems as separate portable chiller systems.

Regardless of the final choice, both types of systems work in the same way. They provide laser refrigerant using different fluids such as water, water-glycol, deionized water, or thermal fluids.


Laser cooling pumps in Chiller Systems

Different types of pumps can be used in chiller systems:

Centrifugal pumps – these pumps depend on pressure. Higher flow rate at lower pressure. They can be powered by AC or DC.

Turbine pumps – they are very similar to centrifugal pumps but are ideal for large pressure drops.

Positive displacement volumetric pumps gear pumps and rotary vane pumps can be used in chiller systems as laser cooling pumps. They produce the same flow rate regardless of system pressure drop.


Applications of coolant pumps

Laser Systems have grown in the use of applications in different fields such as:

medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical – where coolant pumps are used in several thermal management and air or water cooling systems

industrial – for businesses treating plastics and thermoplastics, metals, paper, cement

other purposes – such as food and beverage processing, power generation, and high-heat item cooling

This has created new cooling challenges for laser designers. As a matter of fact, all these systems require a laser, or other components to cool down and to carefully monitor the temperature.


Fluid-o-Tech laser cooling pumps for Chiller Systems

Fluid-o-Tech laser cooling pumps are designed to fit different laser systems in a wide range of applications such as surgical instruments, skin care, welding, cutting, etc...

Thanks to its many years of experience in the field of gear pumps and rotary vane pumps, Fluid-o-Tech provides a range of solutions that guarantee an adequate flow rate even at high pressure or pressure drops.

The quality of Fluid-o-Tech’s laser cooling pumps is recognized worldwide for fulfilling the demand of the market.

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