Mosquito misting pumps

Mosquito misting pumps for pest control: General Overview

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Mosquito misting systems and mosquito misting pumps (how they work)

Fluid-o-Tech mosquito misting pumps

Mosquitoes, as well as other types of insects and pests, represent an intrusive and dangerous presence. They can be considered as insects among the most unfriendly and create a strong disturbance. Starting from the itching caused by the stings of these insects to the buzzing that very often interrupts nights, especially the summer ones.

These insects are also carriers of certain diseases that are lethal to humans, such as malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, and more, and are the number one enemy in the fight against infectious diseases globally.

In the past, pesticides, insecticides, or mixtures of chemicals, which have been shown to have highly harmful effects on humans and to the whole ecosystem, were the most widely used solutions.

Today the priority is to eliminate the use of polluting and toxic chemicals in favor of sustainable, natural, and ecological alternatives.

The innovation of these types of plants, present on the market today, tries to go in this direction.

Mosquito misting systems and mosquito misting pumps

These systems are ideal especially for outdoor areas and are increasingly used in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Thanks to a perimeter misting system, these systems are able to effectively distribute the active ingredient of the solution used to combat the presence of mosquitoes but also other insects such as horseflies and flies. The product is delivered automatically and timed, which allows optimizing efficiency. These systems use a high-pressure pump to spray tap water mixed with the concentrated product through a series of nozzles.

The active substance is optimally dosed by the Venturi effect or by a peristaltic pump. The high pressure generated by the pump is necessary for the proper functioning of the nozzles, in fact, the output speed is such that the solution, on impact with the air, is instantly fragmented into microdroplets of about 50 microns. These droplets, being very small, ensure effective diffusion of the solution.

Fluid-o-Tech mosquito misting pumps

Fluid-o-Tech, thanks to its many years of experience in rotary vane and peristaltic pump technology, provides a range of solutions capable of guaranteeing sufficient flow rates and pressures to atomize the product both on small surfaces and on large areas.

The quality of Fluid-o-Tech's misting pumps is internationally recognized for being adequate to meet the performance and robustness requirements of this type of system.

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