Internal gear pump

Technical support

Fluid-o-Tech IG series positive displacement internal gear pumps are designed to work in harsh environments, with unfiltered, abrasive fluids and in a wide temperature and viscosity range.

Therefore they are an excellent answer for the most demanding applications.
Flow rates are directly proportional to motor speed and pumps are reversible.
The housing is in cast iron whereas the internal parts are available in several options and materials to meet specific application needs.

Competitive advantages


Internal gear pumps are a positive displacement technology, very well suited for harsh environments. This technology will provide robust performance, low pulsation, good life, predictable and variable flowrate.


Excellent for lubrication and recirculation

Repeatable and predictable flowrate


High differential pressure capability

Excellent suction capabilities

Able to handle abrasive fluids with solid particles in suspension

Performs well with high temperature and viscosity

Used in

Compared to Diaphragm pumps

Internal Gear pumps offer:

  • Reversibility
  • Low pulsation
  • Continuous flow
  • Long life
  • No check valves

Compared to Centrifugal pumps

Internal Gear pumps offer:

  • High pressure capability
  • Repeatability
  • Reversibility
  • Excellent suction capability
  • Low energy consumption

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