Solenoid pump

Technical support

The Fluid-o-Tech range of solenoid pumps are widely used in beverage appliances to boost fluid pressure.

The extremely compact size and in-line ports makes them ideal for integration in small devices.
Whilst most applications will be water based, special versions are available for thicker fluids up to 400cSt.
Operating on 24, 110 or 230 V AC, the solenoid pump will deliver a constant flow rate for its life.
Available in Brass or food grade plastic with a stainless steel piston and optional shock absorbing mounts for quiet operation.

Competitive advantages


Solenoid pumps offer a positive displacement technology with flow directly proportional to the number of strokes. Small size and high pressure make this the mainstay of many beverage machines.


Low cost


High pressure

Used in

Compared to Diaphragm pump

Solenoid pumps offer:

  • Lower cost
  • Compact size

Compared to Centrifugal Pump

Solenoid pumps offer:

  • High pressure capability
  • Repeatibility
  • Good suction

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