Circulation pump

Circulation means moving a fluid around a circuit, with a low differential pressure but on a continuous duty basis, typically to control the temperature or fluid concentrations guaranteeing a continuous movement.

Fluid-o-Tech’s circulation pumps are effective and high-quality. They can be used not only for environmental purposes – for water treatment or smart farming – but also in many other sectors, such as food service, medical, and paints and inks.

All our devices can be fully customized according to your needs – in order to be able to circulate hot and cold water or other liquids – and are available at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for devices professionally made with:

• Innovation, robustness, and compactness

• High performing levels and long durability

• Safety and reduced environmental impact

at Fluid-o-Tech you’re in the right place. Find out our huge offer and customization possibilities below!

Fluid-o-Tech’s most effective circulation pumps

Circulation pumps are not all alike, but they can vary especially according to the performance data and temperature range they can offer. Thus, the high technological level guaranteed by Fluid-o-Tech has allowed through the years the development of a great variety of highly innovative and functional devices.

Here are the three main types of circulation pumps we create – which are the most effective and ideal in the case of continuous fluid movement applications:

External gear pumps, which are designed to ensure an extremely stable flow rate, with very low pressure pulsations and long-lasting performances. The magnetic drive of these circulation pumps is particularly performing in harsh conditions – such as when sealing is required.

For example, the FG series offers a complete elimination of motor wear thanks to a compact unit with exceptional durability.

Internal gear pumps, instead, are able to generate high pressures and pump liquids of different viscosities. This type of pump can easily operate even in harsh conditions, with liquids of high and low temperatures, and with suspended solid particles.

For instance, the IG series has excellent technical performances and long durability. This kind of device is top-notch compared to other similar internal gear pumps on the market and is most ideal for food service and many other industries.

Rotary vane pumps are designed to guarantee great pressure performances in a limited space. With a wide range of flow rates and the possibility to add magnetic drive interfaces or mechanical seals, these pumps for circulation find widespread use in many sectors

To fulfill efficient water circulation and other treatments for fluids, the TMFR series is particularly suitable. Thanks to its drive integrated into the rotary vane pump, this device offers compact performances and eliminates motor wear issues.

The advantages of a circulation pump by Fluid-o-Tech

Thanks to our know-how and technological efficiency matured through the years, Fluid-o-Tech is capable of supplying all over the world circulation pumps that guarantee:

• easy use, maintenance, and replacement – if necessary

• corrosion and chemical resistance, making these devices hard to damage

• accurate prototyping and testing by our excellent team of professionals

• outstanding reliability in the long term

• aesthetically pleasant design – which can be customized

We work thoroughly to respond to the most demanding needs, and we offer our clients effective pumps that are available in different configurations. This is why we can customize your circulation pumps in different shapes, sizes, and colors according to your preferences and meeting all the most complex requirements.

Finally, our all-round service also includes:

• rapid prototyping of the circulation pump you are requiring

• warranty for all the new pumps you need to be specifically designed

• pump registration on our website, where you can also rate your level of satisfaction

• full technical support for any kind of assistance, even after-sale

Are you looking for a resistant circulation pump? Contact us to know our wide range!

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