Internal gear pumps

A positive displacement technology noted for pulseless delivery and long life. This technology offers an exceptionally robust pump with the ability to work in extremes of temperature and with fluids containing particles in suspension. Best suited to fluid with some lubricity, Fluid-o-Tech Internal gear pumps offer an exceptionally high flow/pressure capability in a very small package.

With excellent technical performances and long durability, the IG series is top-notch compared to similar internal gear pumps on the market. It is mostly ideal for food service and other industries.

All our internal gear pumps can also be customized in different shapes, dimensions, and materials, according to your application needs. Fluid-o-Tech guarantees the best safety and resistance standards in compliance with the strictest regulations.

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The Fluid-o-Tech IG series positive displacement gear pump has been designed to handle viscous fluids with impurities in suspension and temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F) whilst delivering a smooth flow.…

Flow Rate
Flow Rate
Pressure (Max)
50 l/h 1550 l/h 18 bar
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