Magnet drive rotary vane pump

Technical support

Fluid-o-Tech magnet drive rotary vane pumps deliver an exceptionally long life.

Available with brass, stainless steel or engineered polymers housing, they are NSF and/or WRAS certified for use in the food & beverage industry.
Multiple elastomer material, as well magnet options are available to cover the largest range of requirements.
The TMFR series - where the pump and a compact and powerful BLDC motor are integrated - delivers exceptional performance and service life capabilities in a remarkably small package.
The variable speed drive offers the ability to adjust flow to exactly match system requirements.
The PMFR series, similar to the TMFR in concept has the same advantages of the magnet drive and of a completely integrated unit but with fixed speed to address cost driven applications.

Competitive advantages


This option takes all the advantage of a direct drive rotary vane pump and eliminates the shaft seal by introducing a magnetic coupling.


Stable, pulsefree delivery

High pressure capability

High flow rate

NSF, WRAS, EU 1935/2004


Sealless pump - No dynamic seals, zero leakage

Higher system pressure capability

Well suited to pumping hazardous or hygeinic fluids

No pump or motor shaft wear

No misalignment between pump and motor shafts

Safer fluid containment


Compared to Diaphragm pumps

Rotary Vane pumps offer:

  • Reversibility
  • Low pulsation
  • Continuous flow
  • Longer life
  • No check valves

Compared to Centrifugal pumps

Rotary Vane pumps offer:

  • High pressure capability
  • Repeatibility
  • Reversibility
  • Good suction
  • Low energy consumption

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