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Whether you're in the beverage industry or looking for insights into efficient fluid handling, this guide will provide valuable information. On this page, we will discover the world of beverage pumps, their functionality, their suitable applications, and the numerous advantages they offer.

On this page, we delve into:

What are beverage pumps

How do they work

Where to use them

All the advantages of beverage pumps

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What are beverage pumps?

Beverage pumps are specialized dosing pumps tailored to handle the unique requirements of the beverage industry. They are precision-engineered devices that ensure accurate and controlled transfer of various liquids, including:

• Juices

• Syrups

• Carbonated beverages

• Alcoholic beverages

• Coffee - read now our page dedicated to espresso pumps

These pumps are designed to maintain the integrity of the beverage, preserving its taste, texture, and quality throughout the pumping process.

How do they work

Beverage pumps operate based on the principle of positive displacement, ensuring precise and controlled transfer of liquids.

They operate according to mechanisms such as rotary motion or reciprocating pistons to create pressure and move the beverage through the system.

Here's how they work:

• As the pump activates, the liquid enters the pump chamber through the inlet valve

• The pump's internal components, such as gears, lobes, or pistons, generate a positive displacement force, pushing the beverage forward

• The outlet valve opens, allowing the liquid to exit the pump and continue its journey through the beverage production or dispensing system.

Thanks to this method it is possible to ensure accurate dosing, maintaining the quality, consistency, and integrity of the beverages.

Where to use them

Beverage pumps find extensive use in a wide range of applications within the beverage industry. Some common areas where these pumps are employed include:

Beverage Production - in this case, beverage pumps efficiently transfer ingredients, additives, and flavorings during the production process, ensuring precise and consistent dosing

Bottling and Packaging sector - needs this type of pump for the filling of bottles, cans, and containers with accurate volumes of liquid, ensuring efficient and hygienic packaging

Dispensing and Dispensers - beverage pumps are integral to dispensing systems, such as soda fountains, coffee machines, and bar taps, providing controlled flow and accurate measurements

Mixing and Blending - these special dosing pumps facilitate the precise blending of ingredients and flavors, ensuring uniform distribution throughout the beverage mixture.

Fluid-O-Tech is by your side for the production of beverage pumps for a wide variety of applications!

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All the advantages of beverage pumps

Beverage pumps offer numerous advantages that make them essential equipment in the beverage industry. Here are some examples:

Accurate Dosing - these pumps ensure precise and consistent dosing, maintaining the desired flavor profiles and recipes

Hygienic Operations - the materials used for the construction of these pumps meet strict sanitary standards, ensuring the integrity and safety of the beverages

Efficient Transfer - product loss and waste are minimized by effectively transferring liquids without leaks or spills, optimizing production processes

Versatility - beverage pumps can handle a wide range of viscosities and fluid properties, allowing for the pumping of various beverages

Easy Maintenance - beverage pumps are easy to clean and maintain reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations.

Choose Fluid-O-Tech’s beverage pumps

At Fluid-O-Tech, we are committed to continuous improvement, delivering pumps perfectly able to pressure, dispense, and dose both hot and cold fluids with precision and repeatability.

With our extensive experience and deep understanding of the market and its demands, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for fluid management. Our focus on quality ensures that our beverage pumps meet the highest standards, enabling you to rely on our products for efficient and reliable performance in your beverage processes.

Here are some of our beverage pumps:

PO 70-400 beverage pumps offered with brass or stainless steel housings, feature 3/8” GAS or NPT ports and an internal relief valve. Known for self-priming, quiet operation, and pulsation-free flow, these durable pumps are designed for a long service life. They also comply with NFS and WRAS standards, ensuring their suitability for water treatment and food service applications.


TM 30-200 series - these beverage pumps are durable and available with options for brass or stainless steel housings and 3/8” GAS or NPT ports. Featuring self-priming, quiet operation, and a seal-less magnetic coupling for pulsation-free flow, these pumps are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance


TMCF01-07S beverage pumps are compatible with TM 30-200 and TM 300-400 rotary vane pumps and offer superior performance and reliability for diverse applications. They come with a pump-to-motor adapter and a variety of driving magnets, ensuring adaptable torque and material options for efficient operation.


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