Milk transfer and circulating pumps

In the dairy industry, efficiency and hygiene are paramount. Milk transfer and circulating pumps play a crucial role in maintaining these standards, ensuring that milk is moved safely and efficiently from one stage of processing to another. Find out exactly what they are for and find the solution that best suits your needs with Fluid-O-Tech.

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Discover Fluid-o-Tech's milk transfer and circulating pumps

What are milk transfer and circulating pumps

Milk transfer and circulating pumps are specialized equipment tailored for the dairy industry's needs. They are engineered to transport milk without exposing it to contaminants or the air, which could compromise its quality and safety.

These pumps utilize an electric motor to drive a pumping mechanism, depending on the specific model and its application. This motor generates a rotary or reciprocating motion transferred to the pumping element. Once activated, the pump draws milk from the inlet and pushes it through the piping system in a continuous and gentle manner, preventing frothing, fat separation, or damage to the milk's proteins.

The milk can be circulated through various stages of a process, such as heating, cooling, or mixing, to maintain a uniform temperature, facilitate homogenization, and prevent solids from settling.

Modern milk transfer pumps offer precise control over the milk's flow rate and pressure, essential for tailoring to the specific needs of each production stage, ensuring the milk retains its desired properties and the process is optimized for efficiency and quality.

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All the advantages

These pumps are integral to dairy operations for several reasons:

Hygiene - They are constructed from food-compatible materials like stainless steel to ensure safety and hygiene, making them easy to clean and sanitize. This is crucial in preventing bacterial growth and ensuring the milk remains safe for consumption

Efficiency - By automating the transfer and circulation of milk, these pumps significantly reduce the time and labor required, enhancing overall productivity

•​​​​​​​ Versatility - They can be used in various applications, from small dairy farms to large processing plants, proving their versatility within the industry.

How to choose the right milk transfer pump

When selecting milk transfer and circulating pumps, it's essential to consider features that ensure optimal performance:

•​​​​​​​ Material compatibility - The pumps should be made of materials compatible with food-grade substances to prevent contamination

•​​​​​​​ Adjustable flow rates - The ability to adjust flow rates is vital for handling different volumes of milk and various processing stages

•​​​​​​​ Durability - Given the extensive use in dairy operations, the pumps must be durable and capable of withstanding continuous operation.

Discover Fluid-o-Tech's Milk Transfer and Circulating Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for the dairy industry, including an extensive range of milk transfer and circulating pumps. Our products are designed with the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency in mind, catering to the unique demands of dairy processing.

In particular, external gear pumps are used in the milk treatment sector.

Here are some of our best models:

MG109 - this model is part of the MG200-400 SERIES and is specifically tailored for milk transfer applications. Its compact design and precision performance align perfectly with the demands of high-technology dairy processing. Employing the magnet drive principle, the MG109 ensures a completely sealed chamber, crucial for the safe handling of milk and other sensitive dairy products. This pioneering approach not only elevates safety standards but also meets a broad spectrum of dairy industry requirements with unmatched efficiency.


DGD SERIES- Designed with the food service industry in mind, particularly for milk handling, this gear pump series excels in transporting clean and viscous fluids like milk. It can handle temperatures up to 70°C (158°F), pressures up to 4 bar (58 psi), and offers flow rates up to 160 l/h (42 GPH). Their flow rate adjusts proportionally to the pump's speed, ensuring precise milk handling for various applications. Available in both 12V and 24V DC options, these pumps are NSF certified, assuring compliance with food safety standards and making them ideal for any food service operation requiring reliable milk transfer solutions.


DGD PRO- Fluid-o-Tech’s DGD PRO gear pump, ideal for the food sector and milk pumping, features a durable AISI 316L stainless steel build and Peek gears, designed for low maintenance and high accuracy. This compact pump enhances flow rates and pressure, meeting stringent food safety standards. Available with various drive options, it offers precision and reliability.


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