Coffee and cappuccino pumps

As a manufacturer of volumetric pumps and fluid management systems for various sectors, including Food Service, Fluid-o-Tech is capable of providing innovative solutions for professional coffee and cappuccino machines.

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What coffee and cappuccino pumps are used for

Operation and types

Some coffee and cappuccino pumps by Fluid-o-Tech

How does a cappuccino pump differ?

What coffee and cappuccino Pumps are used for

Coffee and cappuccino pumps are utilized to move and circulate hot or cold water within a system where ground coffee is inserted, producing the common hot beverage, as well as similar products like cappuccino.

These pumps are extensively used in the food service sector, which is why Fluid-o-Tech offers a wide range of pumps specifically designed to be functional and long-lasting.

All our pumps can be customized according to usage needs and are made respecting the highest standards of technological innovation.

Coffee pumps: Operation and types

Coffee pumps ensure effective operation, providing the exact amount of pressure needed for the machine to perform smoothly and without hiccups. Rotary vane pumps are the most commonly used type for coffee machines. Their complex mechanical structure includes a rotating disc that regulates water intake and output across different sections of the pump.

These pumps are designed with food-safe materials and incorporate very advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Contact us to learn more about our coffee machine pumps and their operation!

Contact us to find out about all our coffee machine pumps and how they work!

Some coffee and cappuccino pumps by Fluid-o-Tech

Fluid-o-Tech’s wide range of pumps includes various models compatible with coffee and cappuccino machines:

PO 70-400 - The PO 70-400 rotary vane volumetric pumps are the ideal choice for coffee and cappuccino machines, guaranteeing excellent performance and superior beverage quality. These models, made with high-quality materials like brass or stainless steel, are equipped with an internal safety valve and offer 3/8” NPT or GAS connections. With a nominal flow rate ranging from 70 to 400 l/h at 1450 rpm, these pumps are self-priming and ensure silent operation and a constant flow rate without pulsations.


CO/MO 50-200 - The CO/MO 50-200 series features rotary vane volumetric pumps optimized for use in coffee and cappuccino machines, offering a choice between brass or stainless steel bodies. Equipped with an internal safety valve and NPT or GAS 3/8" ports, this range ensures a nominal flow rate of 50-200 l/h at 1450 rpm. Moreover, operating at 1725 rpm, each pump in the series can increase its capacity by 20%, reaching up to 290 l/h, thus ensuring excellent and reliable performance for coffee and cappuccino dispensing systems.


DGD - The DGD series, with its direct gear pump-motor unit design, is ideal for moving clean and moderately viscous fluids. This model can operate with fluids up to 70°C, offering maximum pressures of 4 bar and flow rates reaching 160 l/h. Its compact structure makes it perfect for limited space systems, while the ability to adjust the flow rate proportionally to the speed ensures precise dosing, essential for preparing high-quality coffee and cappuccino.


What changes with a cappuccino pump?

The principle behind cappuccino pumps is the same as that for coffee. The operation of pumps for these beverages involves a mechanism that is functional and compatible with liquids of different natures.

Therefore, it’s necessary not only to ensure airtight sealing and resistance to contact with water but also with milk, in both cappuccino and coffee pumps capable of dispensing beverages with different components (especially in industrial settings, where classic espresso is accompanied by other types of coffee).

However, the cappuccino pump must also be compatible with an additional feature, namely the steam wand: a nozzle from which air is pressurized, heating the milk and at the same time creating the typical cappuccino foam.

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