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Fluid-o-Tech sets innovation and quality standards at international level in the pump industry.

Fluid-o-Tech is an Italian company, leader in quality and innovation in the design and manufacture of volumetric pumps and systems for pressurization, metering, dosing, and transfer of fluids. We produce pumps for a variety of industries ranging from medical to automotive, from paints and inks to food service.

Our pumps are high-precision devices that usually find their place in technical applications. Depending on these, we are able to produce the best pumps for any industrial sector.

Let’s go deeper:

1. Our external gear pumps, with extremely stable flow, very low pressure pulsations, and long service life, are suitable for the AUTOMOTIVE, HEALTH TECH, PAINTS AND INKS, WATER TREATMENT, and FOOD SERVICE sectors.

2. Fluid-o-Tech's rotary vane pumps, offer exceptional pressure and suction capability combined with an extensive range of flow rates. These pumps also offer a very cost effective solution and are designed for the FOOD SERVICE, WATER TREATMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL, and SMART FARMING sectors.

3. Fluid-o-Tech peristaltic pumps provide precise flow for analytical requirements. Peristaltic pumps offer a wide choice of tubing for your application, which combined with compact size and disposable technology eliminates cross contamination hazards. These pumps are suitable for the FOOD SERVICE, HEALTH TECH, and WATER TREATMENT sectors.

4. An electronic valve is a completely controlled flow system with built-in sensors and electronics for precision metering, dispensing, and mixing of fluids. This valve is designed for the AUTOMOTIVE, HEALTH TECH, PAINTS AND INKS, WATER TREATMENT, and FOOD SERVICE sectors.

Which pump or valve from Fluid-o-Tech is suitable for your company?

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All Fluid-o-Tech’s pumps by industries

Our pumps are manufactured down to the smallest technical detail and meet the required quality standards. Moreover, they are used in a wide range of industries, such as:

Automotive (Read also: Water Injection Pumps)
Food Service
Health Tech
Paints and Inks
Smart Farming
Water Treatment

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