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Gear pumps are used to pump fluids even under specific conditions of viscosity, pressure, or temperature. High precision is guaranteed even in their internal tolerances, which makes these machines particularly ideal for viscous, clean, and lubricant liquids.

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What is a gear pump and how it works

Discover Fluid-o-Tech's gear pumps

Some of our gear pumps models

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What is a gear pump and how it works

Gear pumps resort to technologies that, thanks to the action of gear wheels, guarantee excellent suction qualities. While operating, these pumps ensure a constant flow rate even in case of pressure oscillations.

These devices are composed of two identical gear wheels perfectly in contact: the first one is activated by the pump engine and drags along the second one, which rotates consequently. This way, the liquid fills the space between the gear wheels and is driven and pressurized toward the outlet.

The gears are placed on a shaft equipped with two inner bushings that are entirely immersed in the fluid. All these components – mixed with the operating effectiveness of the gear pump – guarantee smooth and nearly silent performance.

The structure and materials used in the components of gear pumps are strictly connected to the type of liquid to pump. Finally, the functioning of the gear pump is normally due to an electric engine.

According to their use, Fluid-o-Tech designs gear pumps both in their standard version or for viscous liquids. They can be used in specific fields in which high precision at very low-pressure oscillations is required: for instance, in the food service – for which we manufacture devices with materials suitable for food contact – and in the medical field.


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Discover Fluid-o-Tech's gear pumps

Versatile and top-quality, the gear pumps manufactured by Fluid-o-Tech are perfect for dosing, mixing, and circulation of fluids of any type and viscosity.

Thanks to their seal-less design and very small tolerances, these pumps guarantee steady and long-lasting performance when pumping a wide range of liquids of different densities and viscosities, no matter their temperature or pressure level.

Other characteristics of our gear pumps are:

extreme precision
excellent self-priming skill
compact dimensions
stable flow pumping rate, even at low pulsations

Some of our gear pumps models

Let's discover some of our gear pumps:

FG304 - this gear pump is part of our FG200-300-400 series. It combines a compact design with self-priming, quiet operation, and a pulsation-free flow, making it ideal for space-sensitive, noise-averse environments. It features an integrated 24V BLDC drive with speed control for precise fluid management and lacks moving motor parts, enhancing its reliability and longevity.


MG109 - this gear pump is part of MG200-400 SERIES. Its compact size and precision performance makes it ideal for high technology applications. Utilizing the magnet drive principle, this pump offers a completely sealed chamber, ensuring the safe handling of a wide range of corrosive liquids. This innovative design not only maximizes safety but also accommodates diverse industrial needs with unparalleled efficiency.


DGD SERIES - this gear pump series is optimized for transporting clean and viscous fluids, supporting up to 70 °C (158 °F), 4 bar (58 psi) pressure, and 160 l/h (42 GPH) flow rates. Their compact design, speed-proportional flow, and availability in 12V and 24V DC options, along with NSF certification.


Rely on us as your gear pump manufacturer

The characteristics of Fluid-o-Tech’s gear pumps are countless. Our pumps are highly solid, robust, and compact, also able to guarantee exceptional performance even in the most challenging conditions and when in contact with the most complex liquids.

As a gear pump manufacturer, our supply is not limited to standard products, but we also offer a customization service that is effective and high-quality, in order to meet all our customers’ demands (Read also: micro gear pump)

The creation of custom-made devices starts from a technical drawing of the structure and the functioning of your gear pump, which is made according to the most demanding requirements and needs of our customers. During the design phase, we consider only the most suitable materials, the most resistant components, and the most advanced technology.

After the technical drawing, we proceed with the actual realization of the gear pump and the testing of its performance, in order to be sure that the final product is versatile and resistant. These are just a few of the great qualities of this type of pump: take a look at all the advantages of an external gear pump.

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