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Pumps for water treatments can be used in several applications such as water purification, cooling systems, or other demanding applications. Find out more about this process and get to know Fluid-o-Tech’s solutions!

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What is water treatment

How do pumps for water treatment work

Fluid-o-Tech pumps for water treatment

What is water treatment?

Water treatment – also known as reverse osmosis – is a process aimed at filtering and purifying water in order to improve its quality.

This water may, in fact, contain chemical and biological contaminants or dangerous components (such as suspended solids and gases) that make it unusable for its final end-use, which can be:

domestic – so that it can be used by the public in houses and other facilities, both for human consumption and other purposes
industrial – e.g. for agricultural, medical, pharmacological, chemical, and processing applications
commercial – thus pumps for water treatment are used to make it potable and saleable

This type of process is necessary not only to clean water for endless uses but also in terms of recycling. This way, water can be treated and made secure for future reuse.

How do pumps for water treatment work?

Water treatment functioning relies on specific pumps to be effective. The purification resorts to technologies where semipermeable membranes can chemically separate pollutant particles from the water. This process concerns:

a solution – a mix of water and a specific solvent
a solute – any constituents to be removed from the water

Once the water is conducted inside the pump for water treatment, the pressurized side of the membrane is able to select the molecules and ions and retain them, while letting the solvent pass through. Finally, the solvent can kill or inactivate residual microorganisms and viruses.

Positive displacement pumps are the most common option in these procedures. Specifically, there are four types of pumps used for water treatment:

Centrifugal pumps – which create water flow through hydrodynamic energy
Rotary vane pumps and gear pumps – which convey liquid from one side of the pump to the other through internal or external vanes or gears
High-pressure plunger pumps – which transport small or large water flow rates at different pressures through oscillating plungers
Multi-stage inline pumps – which are used for water treatment purposes with different pumping pressures

Fluid-o-Tech pumps for water treatment

Fluid-o-Tech’s know-how when it comes to positive displacement solutions is unparalleled. This is how we’ve been able to supply our customers around the world with the most effective and performing pumps for water treatment.

Our rotary vane and gear pumps can be activated through direct or magnetic drive technology and can be employed for water filtering, purification, cooling, or other end-uses with exceptional cleaning results and maximum performance.

Finally, the pumps for water treatment we manufacture guarantee:

smooth flow
high pressure
great efficiency
the utmost safety

And if you have specific requirements, we can discuss them and customize a water treatment pump with the characteristics you need.

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