Rotary volumetric pumps

In an ever-evolving industrial background, rotary volumetric pumps play a crucial role in several sectors. Discover on this page what they are, how they work, and where they are used with Fluid-o-Tech.

On this page, we will discover:

What is a rotary volumetric pump and how does it work

Types of rotary volumetric pumps

Where they are applied

Create your own rotary volumetric pump with Fluid-o-Tech

What is a rotary volumetric pump and how does it work

Rotary volumetric pumps are mechanical devices that are used for moving fluids through a rotary motion process.

They are characterized by a rotor that rotates around its axis, ensuring a constant flow rate at different rates and independent of the head, which is the maximum height the pumped liquid can reach relative to the point where it is drawn.

These types of pumps are particularly suitable for transferring dense and/or highly viscous fluids.

The operating principle of rotary volumetric pumps is based on the rotation of moving parts that form an inlet chamber whose volume varies during rotation. This creates a suction effect of the liquid at the expansion zone of the liquid volume (inlet to the pump), and pushes towards the outlet during the volume contraction phase. The thrust of the moving parts on the liquid overcomes any resistance in the circuit (pressure).

Types of rotary volumetric pumps

Rotary volumetric pumps are ranked into four main types:

Gear pumps are excellent for moving highly viscous fluids thanks to the use of toothed wheels

Lobe pumps are ideal for highly viscous and greasy substances

Screw pumps which use an Archimedes’ screw for fluid movement

Vane pumps which use vanes for fluid transportation

Where they are applied

Rotary volumetric pumps can be applied to a wide range of sectors, such as:

Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Biotechnology industry

The versatility of these pumps depends on their resistance and their ability to achieve long-lasting performance. Furthermore, they are effective even in low-pressure applications.

Create your own rotary volumetric pump with Fluid-o-Tech

Rotary volumetric pumps by Fluid-o-Tech have many distinctive features. They are robust, solid, and compact tools, designed to offer excellent performance even in the most challenging situations and with complex liquids.

As industrial pump manufacturers, Fluid-o-Tech goes beyond simply supplying standard products, offering customized services to efficiently and qualitatively meet all customer needs.

Customization begins with the creation of a detailed technical drawing of the pump, developed to satisfy even the most specific customer requests. During the design process, the most suitable materials are selected and durable components and cutting-edge technologies are used.

After the design phase, the pump is built and its operation verified, to ensure the creation of a final product that is not only versatile but also durable.

Create your own rotary volumetric pump with professionals. Choose Fluid-o-Tech!

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