Where vision meets mastery: the next chapter in piezo technology starts here

14 September 2023

Fluid-o-Tech is thrilled to announce a strategic investment in muVaP, a cutting-edge start-up based in Germany, specialized in the development and production of world’s most compact, light and high-performance piezo valves and pumps, boasting a novel patented design. The company's groundbreaking, patented technology opens new frontiers for the piezo technology.

muVaP's electronic controlled micro-valves and pumps bring piezoelectric technology well beyond the state of the art, retaining the famed benefits of piezo devices such as precision, quick response, and the ability to handle minute fluid volumes with utmost accuracy. Whether liquids or gases, muVaP's products manage them with unprecedented accuracy and low energy consumption.

Fluid-o-Tech's leadership in the precision fluidic applications market is further bolstered by this partnership. With over 70 years of experience in fluidics, Fluid-o-Tech already boasts intelligent shape memory actuated valves from Dolphin Fluidics and Memetis. Now, the addition of muVaP's next-generation piezo devices reinforces Fluid-o-Tech's position at the forefront of the industry.

"We are delighted to join forces with muVaP and embark on this journey to push the boundaries of microfluidics technology in fields such as medical devices, life science, diagnostics, analytics, and more," says Diego Andreis, Managing Director of Fluid-o-Tech. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision of empowering researchers and industries with even more innovative solutions. We look forward to providing our global customer base with enabling technologies that will not only transform their work but also creating lasting impact."

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